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Many places provide answers to "What is a Road Rally?". This web page points you to some of the answers:

* What is a Road Rally? - Reprint of Chapter 1 from the Road Rally Handbook

* What is a Road Rally page at the SCCA site.

* UK Road Rally Primer by UK MotorSport.

* Rally Overview by Bob Glickstein and Barb and Rick Lerner. Includes a tutorial, rally diary, and other interesting intro stuff. Maintained by Esther Filderman

* General Rally Information and Terms regarding rallies run in the Twin Cities area.

* Road Rallying in Wales An Introduction to the Sport. There is also the more advanced Introduction to Navigation

* Getting Started in SCCA PRO Rally - by Ken Beard outlines the licensing requirement for SCCA PRO/Stage rallying

* Hart MotorClub Training Course - UK Rallying by John Upham.

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