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Navigation Tables

Tables designed for solving common Time-Speed-Distance navigation problems are used by many teams to stay on-time. You can Hints when printing tables:

Conversion: Seconds => Cents

This table converts from seconds into cents (hundredths of a minute).
Formula:         ___
    seconds x 1.6666 => cents

Conversion: Cents => Seconds

This table converts from cents (hundredths of a minute) into seconds.
    cents x 0.60 => seconds

Speed => Rate

Some TSD navigation strategies are based on knowing the Rate ("minutes-per-mile") at your assigned speed. This table shows the minutes to travel one mile at various speeds. The table can be used to convert MPH to minutes-per-mile and KPH to minutes-per-kilometer.
     -------  =>  Rate

Perfect Time to Travel

With a few additions, you can get time perfect time to cover any distance at any assigned speed:
  1. Look up the time to cover the whole miles in the table
  2. Look up the time to cover the tenths, moving the decimal place one position to the left
  3. Look up the time to cover the hundredths, moving the decimal place two positions to the left
  4. Add the three numbers together to get the perfect time
For example, the perfect time to cover 2.73 miles at 39 MPH:
                                               2 . 7  3
                                               v   v  v
                                               |   |  |
   3.077   Time to cover 2 miles   <-----------   /  /
              at 39 MPH                          /  /
 + 1.077   Time to cover 7 miles is 10.77, <-----  /
              then move decimal 1 place           /
 + 0.046   Time to cover 3 miles is 4.61, <-------
              then move decimal 2 places
   4.200 = Time to cover 2.73 miles at 39 MPH.
This table can be also be used for kilometers and kph.
     DISTANCE-in-miles x 60
     ----------------------  =>  TIME-in-minutes
Note: You may want to switch your printer to Landscape mode to print these tables.

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