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Rally Equipment

This page lists establishments that build equipment specifically for the sport.
Chronar Systems
15202 164th Avenue N.E., Woodinville WA 98072
(206) 481-0748

Manufacturer: Chronar clocks, odometers, and rally computers

Owner Ed Rachner produces the Chronar line of TSD rally equipment. This line, designed by the late Mac Cornforth, has included clocks, odometers, and computers. Their current production model is an A-Box designed for Computer Class competition.

Note: While Ed Rachner produced the Chronar line of rally equipment, he is no longer engaged in the rally business. This entry is provided as a point of contact for inqueries for existing equipment.

Manufacturer: CompuRally Rally Computer Software

This sofware allows you to use your IBM compatible laptop computer as a full-featured rally computer.


Manufacturer: C-rally computer.

The Coralba computer is generally designed for use as a Pro Rally odometer.

Echo Microwave
P. O. Box 727, Atkinson, NH 03811-0727.
(603) 362-4664

Marc Goldfarb produces a memory module for the Texas Instruments TI-74 palmtop computer that turns it into the Turbo-Kurta TSD calculator. The module is available with the computer or separately.

Ltd. Haldex AB, Box 250, S-301 04 Halmstad, Sweden.
Tel. 46 35-11 85 60. Telex 38084
Halda, Ltd. Sales and production: Haldex AB, Box 250, S-301 04 Halmstad, Sweden.
Tel. 46 35-11 85 60. Telex 38084
Head office: Haldex AB, Box 501, S-261 24 Landskrona, Sweden.
Great Britain office: Halda Ltd., 4 Brandon Road, York Way, London N7 9AE.
U. S. office: Halda Inc., P. O. Box 4080, 2925 North 7 Highway,
Blue Springs, Missouri, 64015.

Manufacturer: Halda odometers and computers (mostly used in European Pro Rallying) and speedometer components (cables, T-gears, etc).

Heath Company
P. O. Box 8589, Benton Harbor, MI 49023-8589
(800) 253-0570

Manufacturer: clocks, electronic components, and kits.

Helius Designs

Manufacturer: rally odometers

Helius produces a line of rally odometers that use sunlight-viewable LED displays.

Rally America!
6 Fieldcrest Road, Westport, CT 06880
(203) 454-1479

Publisher: rally books, tables, and software.

Roadrunner Tire and Automotive
4850 Highway 377 South,
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(817) 244-4924

Manufacturer: precision analog speedometers

Herschel Crump owns this outfit, which has supplied several competitors in the Great American Race with temperature-controlled, precision speedometers.

Don Schade Speedometers
8821 La Entrada Avenue, Whittier, CA 90605
(310) 693-0579

Manufacturer: precision analog speedometers

Don supplies custom-made precision speedometers to Great American Race competitors. His units are based on tachometers designed for high-vibration environments.

Small Systems Specialists
ALFA Rally Products
Box 310, 52 Church Street, Windsor, NJ 08561
(609) 426-0541, Fax: (734) 661-4039

Manufacturer: Alfa clocks, A-Boxes and B-Boxes.

Owner Mike Friedman is the designer/manufacturer of the Alfa line of TSD rally equipment. Current units include computers designed for Computer Class competition, correctable odometers for Odo Class, and clocks for checkpoints and competition.

Stealth Racing
Simsbury CT
(860) 658-0808

Manufacturer: Custom rally and hillclimb cars

Owner Brad Martin is a designer of rally cars and a frequent rally and hillclimb competitor.

T.A.D. Motorsports
Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 1-847-550-8116
FAX: 1-847-550-8018

Specializes in building race and rally cars, as well as, customizing performance street cars.

Owner Murray Thomas.

Ship Farm, Horsley Road, Horsley, Derby, DE2 5BR, England
Tel (from the US) 011-44-332-880-468
Tel 01332 880468
Fax 01332 882640

Manufacturer: Terratrip rally computers (one model useful for Odo Class)

Eddie Cartrwight produces a line of rally equipment designed for European Pro Rallyists. Several of the units are suitable for American TSD rallying, particularly in Odo Class competition. They also produce correctable speedometers.

32 Old Barn Road, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois 60047
(847) 550-5052

Manufacturer: Timewise odometers, rally computers, clocks, and sending units.

Owner Jack Christensen is the designer and manufacturer of a line of rally equipment for TSD competition. The units include TSD computers for running in a Computer Class, units designed for Odo Class competition, and competition and checkpoint clocks. Jack can be contacted for special-order equipment or particular modifications desired for Timewise equipment. Jack also repairs older Zeron equipment and Curta calculators. A wide selection of sending units are available.

United Speedometer Service
2431 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92507
Voice: 909-684-0292
Toll-free: 1-800-877-4798
Fax: 909-684-0146
E-mail: usimail@earthlink.net

Dealer: Instruments and gauges. VDO, Stewart Warner. Custom cable and casing, speed ratio adapters.

8528 Medicine Bow Run, Fort Wayne, IA 46825
(219) 489-8855

Manufacturer: Checkpoint clocks and automatic triggers.

This company specializes in a line of clocks and infrared triggers for use by checkpoint crews. The triggers utilize a motion-sensitive photo-head which requires equipment on only one side of the road.

Woodhenge Systems
218 South Road, Deerfield, NH 03037
(603) 463-7766 (IN-EPROM)

Manufacturer: Rally computers (A-Boxes).

Bill Hall developed a small, clipboard-mounted rally computer. Production is currently on a per-order basis. This unit is not currently available through any distributors, so call Bill directly to inquire.

P. O. Box 5191, Charlotte NC 28225
(704) 537-0712

Manufacturer (out of production): Zeron clocks, odos, & computers

Bill Gronning produced the Zeron line of rally computers, odometers, and clocks. He may be willing to repair or do maintenance on the equipment on a case-by-case basis.

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