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TSD Rally Books

There are, sadly, very few books on TSD Rallying. Many of the books which have been written are out of print or out of date. This is a compilation of every book I know on the subject. The list is broken into three sections and the books in each section are listed in reverse chronological order. I have included books on Pro Rallying simply because it is often unclear from the title or a description whether a book deals with TSD or Pro Rallies. If you are interested in obtaining an out-of-print book, you might try a (very) well stocked library or Automotive Books/T. E. Warth, Esq.
The Road Rally Handbook
Clint Goss, 368 pages, softbound, 1993.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the sport.

Rally to Win
James Neihouse, Shot in the Dark Productions, 3802 Sentry Drive, Cocoa, FL 32926, 12.56 minutes, 1991.

This video is an introduction to the sport for first-time rallyists. It gives an overview of an event without going into the specifics of course following or timekeeping. A good sideshow, for the price ($15.00 plus shipping and handling). However, it may show some conventions and customs not used in your area.

How to Rally and Win
Russell Brown, Lynda Polk, Curt Rich, and Randy Waibel, Second Edition, Houston Region SCCA, P. O. Box 1894, Houston, TX, 77401, 59 pages, softbound, 1990.

This small-format, type written, privately published manual is intended as a companion to the Houston Region SCCA Road Rally School. It covers the basics of competing in a TSD Rally and explains some simple calculating methods. A sample rally is given, as well as short articles on equipment and trap rallies. The introduction contains the boldly amusing statement "If you are totally familiar with the material and execute each rally instruction properly, you will win". Available from the publisher ($10.95) or Competition Limited.

Road Rally Regulations
Sports Car Club of America, Englewood, CO, 101 pages, softbound, yearly.

This handbook gives all the competition rules for SCCA National and Divisional TSD Rallies, both Course (trapped) and Touring (straightforward). This is a must-have item for competitors in these events as well as for teams competing in regions or clubs which use the 'National Regs' as their standard. This book is published yearly and is available from the SCCA ($7.50).

Richard L. Knudson, Lerner Publications Company, 48 pages, hardbound, 1981.

This short book is part of the Superwheels & Thrill Sports series designed for young readers. The book gives a good overview of the sport, looking at both TSD and Pro Rallying.

The Complete Rally Book
David Hebb, Stein and Day, Briarcliff Manor, NY, 197 pages, softbound, 1979.

A completely revised and updated version of The Rally Book. Out of print.

Rallying to Win
Jean Calvin, Bond/Parkhust Books, Newport Beach, CA, 174 pages, hardbound, 1974.

An introductory how-to book for TSD competitors. Calvin covers basic Rally concepts, types of events, and basic equipment in fair detail. Although her descriptions of 'modern' computational tools and some of her terminology are now dated, many suggestions and tactics are still valid. Out of print, but often available at T.E. Warth.

Regional Road Rally Handbook
Stan & Shirley Wantland and Jim Meyers, Second Edition, SCCA, Englewood, CO, 205 pages, softbound.

This loose-bound manual contains all the information necessary to stage a Regional-level road rally. It covers the myriad types of rallies and has straightforward how-to explanations on everything from developing a Rally program down to the minute details of putting on an event. The handbook is rounded out with several example rallies that are dissected in great detail. The book can currently be obtained directly from the SCCA ($15.95).

The Rally Book
David Hebb, Hawthorne Books, New York, NY, 176 pages, softbound, 1973.

A basic text suitable for novice competitors that still reads surprisingly well despite its age. The fundamentals of TSD rallies are examined, with a heavy emphasis on course following and a comparative light treatement of formulas and equipment. Good to read (if you can find it) as a first text, but not ideal if you are ready to graduate from Novice Class. Out of print.

Rallying On Time
Lou Magyar, privately published, 66 pages, loosleaf, 1970.

This manual describes The System - a navigation strategy for running Limited-Stock Class. It is based on giving readings every minute using rate tables (minutes-per-mile factors).

A New Guide to Rallying
Larry Reid, Sports Car Press, distributed by Crown Publishers, New York, NY, 127 pages, softbound, 1969.

Larry Reid provides a wealth of information in this book, making it a very good text for intermediate-level competitors. The sections of the book which deal with equipment are dated, but the clear explanations of navigation methods and depth of information make up for this shortcoming. Out of print.

The Sports Car Rally Handbook
Gene Hammond, Sterling Publishing Co., New York, NY, 144 pages, softbound, First Edition: 1958, Revised 1962.

An early book with many interesting bits of information. An analysis of expanding versus the "new" non-expandable tires is presented, as well as many ideas on navigation. Out of print.

A Guide to Rallying
Larry Reid, Sports Car Press, Ltd., New York, NY, 127 pages, softbound, 1957.

A basic text that is now quite dated, but does contain many interesting hints. Those interested in learning the sport would do better with the updated version (above) or a later text, while rallyists interested in the history of the sport or the beginnings of the Touring Club of New England will find this book interesting and amusing. Out of print.

Sports Car Rallies, Trials, and Gymkhanas
David Hebb and Arthur Peck, Channel Press, Great Neck, NY, 160 pages, hardbound, 1956.

This book covers an incredible variety of rally-related topics without going too heavily into any of the 'serious' aspects of navigation, formulas, etc. Common types of rallies including gimmick rallies, regularity runs, and hillclimbs are discussed as well as chapters on 'Rally Comfort' and 'Concours D'Elegance' (wax offs). Out of print.

Rallies and Trials
S. C. H. Davis, Iliffe & Sons, Ltd., London, 184 pages, 1951.

This gem consists of narratives of the author's exploits as rally driver on many great and small events of the 1930s and 1940s. He tells of the colossal Monte Carlo Rallies, the French Rallye Gastronomique, and other major European events. While the rallies and locations are unfamiliar and some of the many photos are almost a century old, Davis's writing brings out the essence of competition and adventure which is central to our sport. Out of print.

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