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Pro Rally Books

In Like a Lamb - Out Like a Lion
The Story of John Buffum
Tom Grimshaw, Tabby House, Charlotte Harbor, FL, 301 pages, hardcover, 1994.

The complete story of John Buffum's career - a super book for the Pro Rally enthusiast.

Rally Racing
Sallie Stephenson, Crestwood House, New York, NY, 46 pages, hardcover, 1991.

A look at Pro Rallying designed for the juvenile reader.

Against Gravity
Ed McCabe, Warner Books New York, NY, 290 pages, softbound, 1990.

A narrative account of the author's escapades competing in the Paris-Dakar Rallye, the world's most grueling motor sports event.

How to Start Rallying
Russell Bulgin (editor), Brands Hatch Publications, Ltd., Kent, England, 62 pages, softbound, 1988.

A primer on the sport of Pro Rallying, from a British viewpoint, designed for the potential competitor. With eight different authors and many color photos for support, this book covers car setup, driving technique, Pro Rally schools, co-driving, as well as rallycross and other related topics. Excellent photos augment this text. Available from Classic Motorbooks.

Stuart Turner and Tony Mason, Fourth Edition, Haynes Publishing Group, Somerset, England, 128 pages, hardbound, 1987.

A very general book touching on all aspects of European Stage (Pro) Rallying. About half the book deals with the 'top end' of the sport and is of interest to Rally fans. The other half touches on the details of how to begin rallying and even talks about how to organize a rally. Older editions of this book go under the name Drive It - The Complete Book of Rallying. There seem to be many copies of the 1983 second edition floating around, but it is surprisingly dated compared to the fourth edition. Available from Classic Motorbooks.

Rallying - The 4 Wheel Drive Revolution
Graham Robson, Haynes Publishing Group, Somerset, England, 192 pages, hardbound, 1986.

An in-depth analysis of the motivation for and development of four-wheel drive Pro Rally cars. An excellent book for enthusiasts of European Pro Rallying and four-wheel drive cars in general. Outstanding photography and diagrams. Available from Classic Motorbooks.

Rally Navigation
Martin Holmes, Haynes Publishing, Somerset, England, 187 pages, hardbound, 1983.

A how-to book for navigating European-style Pro Rallies. There is a heavy emphasis on map-reading, dealing with pace notes, and organizing a team. Out of print.

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