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TSD Navigation Tables

TSD Road Rally Pocket Reference
Clint Goss, Rally America!, 20 pages, softbound, 1991.

This shirt-pocket-sized reference contains all sorts of useful as well as esoteric information. Many of the tables and formulas from this book appear in the Pocket Reference.

Rally Basics - Tables, Fables, Factors & Formulas
Gene Henderson, Competition Limited, 262 pages, softbound, 1988.

This stack of tables begins with a 16 page introduction to the sport and a walkthrough of a 'first' rally (probably too much math for a real first-timer). The tables include a two page conversion from miles of error to correction factors, minutes/miles tables (uncorrected) for 10 mph to 68 mph by 0.1 mph giving results in thousandths of a minute (28 pages), and a 203 page table similar to Norman Cone's (below) for 10.0 to 59.9 mph by 0.1 mph for each odometer correction factor from 0.900 to 1.100 by 0.001 increments. This volume could be useful if you adapt your navigation method to the format of the information provided and don't have a handy computer to generate custom tables. Be sure to get the correction sheets or a corrected copy. Available from the publisher ($24.95).

Corrected Minutes Per Mile Factors
Norman Cone, published by MPM Enterprise, P.O. Box 897, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, DC, 20044, 1967.

The first table published which eliminated the need to calculate corrected speeds/mileages on-the-run. Each page of this book gives minutes/mile numbers for speeds from 2.0 to 60.9 mph by 0.1 mph for a given correction factor. Once you calibrated the odometer/speedometer, you could use a single page of this book for all minutes/mile values. Out of print.

Larry Reid's Rally Tables
Larry Reid, Sports Car Press, distributed by Crown Publishers, New York, NY, 130 pages, softbound, 1959.

These tables are rather limited for running precision events today for several reasons. First, they give results only to the tenth of a mile and, second, the result is given in minutes and seconds, with the resulting loss of precision and probable conversion to hundredths. However, novice teams might find these tables useful if they are running with a stock odo and have not yet obtained a hundredths-reading clock. Out of print.

Stimson's Rally Factors
Stimson, Sports Car Press, distributed by Crown Publishers, New York, NY, 128 pages, softbound, 1970.

A set of corrected time table for speeds from 10 to 59 mph and factors from 0.900 to 1.100. Out of print.

Floyd's Factors
Floyd C. Stone, Auto Gear Unlimited, 1134 Bald Hill Road (Route 2) Warwick, RI 02886.

A table giving a single minutes/mile value for every speed from 5.00 to 64.99 mph by 0.01 mph. The value is given to the thousandth of a minute. Out of print.

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