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Clint Goss

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I was born in New York in 1957 and spent my undergraduate and graduate years at New York University, where I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Courant Institute. My Ph.D. dissertation, Machine Code Optimization, is now available on this site.

I met my wife, Vera Shanov, at NYU and we married in 1982. We have lived in Westport, CT since 1986.

Vera and I are enjoying a rich life with diverse interests. This page outlines some of those interests.

Computer Consulting

From 1981 to 1986, I served as Director of R&D for Philon, a small startup company in Greenwich Village building compilers. In 1986, I organized a small consulting firm and have worked for dozens of clients, including Datapoint, Bell Labs, The New York Stock Exchange / SIAC, Concurrent, Singer-Link, and Pfizer.

Since 2004, I have served as an expert witness in various intellectual property cases, including Reuters vs. Bloomberg, Prism vs. Johnson & Johnson, and ASCAP vs. AOL, RealNetworks, and Yahoo.

Please see a PDF version of my Resume.


In 1986 I was introduced to private aviation by Geoff Peck. It proved incredibly useful (and fun) on my consulting projects to be able to fly myself around. Most of my time has been logged in the Mooney 201 shown here.

I eventually earned a commercial license and flight instructor ratings, and taught aviation for a time in the mid 1990's at Bridgeport Airport.

Road Rally

In 1987, my wife and I discovered the sport of Road Rallying, a competitve motorsport involving a driver and navigator following directions on an unknown road course. Over the next 13 years, we organized many events and competed in hundreds of events across the US.

In 1993, I published The Road Rally Handbook, which has become the standard reference in the sport and is in its third printing. I also developed the Rally America web site to provide information on the sport.

International Projects

In 1998, we began doing yearly teaching and technical assistance projects. These projects are typically 4-10 weeks in length, and have taken us to Zimbabwe, Calcutta, Tokyo, Namibia, Bulgaria (twice), Russia, Kenya, Honduras, Zambia, and Palestine. They have also allowed us to take extended trips to Slovakia, China, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, Hungary, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Tunisia, Peru, Ecuador, and the Czech Republic.

An offshoot of this work has been a web site to provide information and help connect potential skilled advisors with international projects: www.interopp.org.


On our first international project, we were infused with the music traditions of Sub-Saharan Africa and my early facination with playing music was revived. I was later gifted a Native American Flute by Kai Mayberger, and began connecting with the world of musicians who play in all genres and facets of music.

I developed the Flutopedia web site to share information, and authored three books of music by Grammy-winner Mary Youngblood.

I currently play a lot of music, performing with several groups as well as facilitating workshops and schools for musicians. I have a music peformance and facilitation site at ClintGoss.com.

I have taken part in a number of recording projects, and began recording and producing CDs in my project studio. Together with Eric Miller, I released my first commercial CD, SpiritGrass, in September 2006. Since then, I have recorded and/or produced many CDs, under the Manifest Spirit label, including a series of CDs for Native Flute entitled NAFTracks.

Contact Information

You can contact me at my primary email address: clint@goss.com.

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